Alpine Railways

Berthold Steinhilber
Berthold Steinhilber
His new book »Alpine Railways« of laif photographer Berthold Steinhilber is dedicated to the railroad landscapes of the Alps.

The Alpine railroads open up magnificent landscapes, and each is unique. From the Tendabahn in the west of the French Maritime Alps to the impressive Swiss railroads and the Semmeringbahn in the east of the Alps, Steinhilber has photographed them all. His railroad landscapes combine mountains and railroads, farms and villages, rivers and lakes to create a distinctive cultural landscape.

For almost three years and over 1,500 kilometers, the photographer traveled on foot in the Alps, always looking for the right vantage point for the large-format, richly detailed photographs. Now the opulent magnificent volume “Alpine Railways”, with texts by Eugen E. Huesler, has been published by Frederking & Thaler in XL format (unfolded 38 x 57 cm). Via his homepage the volume can be ordered signed and with dedication.

The photos are available exclusively from laif.

Berthold Steinhilber

»This book and this work is dedicated to the fascinating landscapes of the Alpine railroads.
The railroads in the Alps are unique and their routing is a pioneering technical achievement. The pictures show these different landscapes of the railroads in the Alps. I have deliberately not photographed close-ups of locomotives and trains, and yet they are such an important part of these landscapes.«