On 6 February, our long-time laif photographer and board member of the laif cooperative Andreas Herzau passed away after a long illness.

We are deeply saddened by the loss of a man who not only enriched the development of laif since 1999 with his photo essays, but also always accompanied the progress of the agency with a passion for discourse and later paved the way for the cooperative and foundation.

With Andreas, we are losing a valuable companion who was connected to us and advised us in so many ways and in so many roles. We miss not only his photographic work, his visionary clarity and energetic strength, but also his unshakeable belief in the importance of photography.

The deepest sympathy of the entire laif team goes out to his family at this time.

We will preserve your work and carry on your ideas, dear Andreas, we will miss you so much and say goodbye in your own words

– Ahoy.

Silke Frigge
laif agency

(Photo: Jörg Gläscher)