Anke Engelke

Ramon Haindl
Ramon Haindl
laif photographer Ramon Haindl portrayed actress Anke Engelke for the magazine of Stuttgarter Zeitung.

Since her comedy series “Ladykracher,” everyone knows her: Anke Engelke. Her appearances with Olli Dittrich in “Blind Date” are legendary, and she shone in films like “Frau Müller muss weg,” “Wellness für Paare” and “Südstadt.”

Most recently, Engelke appeared in “LOL” and “Wer stiehlt mir die Show.”

She is currently filming her latest project, the series “Never Ever,” with Pastian Pastewka.

Ramon Haindl portrayed the comedian, actress, entertainer, singer, dubbing artist and TV presenter.

»Anke’s interaction with everyone involved in the production, especially the appreciation she showed my assistant, was outstanding. And she even had a gift (wrapped) with her as a thank you. That’s not a given at all, and shows that she was super grounded, not shy at all, and has a big heart. One of my favorite jobs of last year.«



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