Bronze for »40 years of laif«

At the end of November, the German Photo Book Award in Regensburg announced the placings for 2023/24. Our anniversary magazine "40 years of laif" received the bronze award in the category »Illustrated book photographic exhibition«. Peter Bialobrzeski and Manfred Linke accepted the award on behalf of all colleagues involved.

On 320 pages, we present 40 years of contemporary history in 40 selected photo series in newspaper format. It is available for €29 incl. VAT and shipping at (only available within Germany).

Thanks to everyone involved, without whom the project would not have been possible:

  • Curator Peter Bialobrzeski with the assistance of Peter Bitzer and Manfred Linke
  • Design: Sarah Fricke and Lea Sievertsen, Distaff Studio, together with Lisa Petersen
  • Project management and communication: Silke Frigge, laif agency
  • Project assistance: Gaby Fassbender, laif agency
  • Social Media: Christoph Peters, laif agency
  • And of course all photographers