Germany’s pubs

Aliona Kardash/laif
Mann sitzt einsam an einem Kneipentisch. Im HIntergrund spielen Menschen Dart.
Aliona Kardash/laif
Kneipensterben (The death of the pub) - a word in the German vocabulary that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. For a long time, pubs were part of life. They were the meeting place par excellence. laif photographer Aliona Kardash went from pub to pub with her camera for Stern magazine to document the phenomenon.

During her photo reportage, she not only discovered many traditional pubs, but also lots of stories:

»I attended three birthdays, got to toast a pub reopening and a good cruise, mourned the 4-0 defeat with Schalke fans, met the tallest man in Hamburg and had countless wonderful encounters. My biggest thanks to all the people I’ve met on the way for being so open and let me be the part of their second living room for the evening.«

Kneipe in der Nacht
Eine Gruppe Menschen an einem Kneipentisch.
Ein Wirt in der Kneipe
Discokugel an einer blauen Decke
Kneipe bei Nacht