Dr. Hans-Georg Golz, Head of the Print Department of the Federal Agency for Civic Education: “We are very happy to have found in laif a very experienced partner also for this exhibition and book project. The proposed photographers who took on this delicate task delivered results that first blew us away and then made us very happy. Our expectations were met in every respect, and the professional collaboration with laif was once again confirmed. ”

The wishes of those portrayed mostly revolve around things we take for granted, such as peace, a roof over their heads, not being persecuted, a job perspective. Many would like to look forward and become a part of German society, but many letters also reveal sadness about the loss of their homeland, the hardship they experienced in their country of origin and during their flight.

Above all, however, the photos and the accompanying formulated wishes and hopes of those portrayed allow a story to emerge from figures, data and facts, which makes a large topic tangible and comprehensible and thus even understandable and gives the people behind the statistics a face. “The greatest thanks go to the refugees portrayed in this book. Their openness and willingness to participate in this project made this book possible in the first place,” says Dr. Hans-Georg Golz, bpb.

To accompany the book, the bpb and laif developed the idea for an exhibition with 25 exhibits from the book, which was shown for the first time in September 2016 at the laif photogalerie in Cologne. Impressions of the exhibition opening were documented by laif photographer and videographer David Klammer.


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