Zuder in Hyderabad

Samuel Zuder
Samuel Zuder

From November 18 to December 19, 2022, laif photographer Samuel Zuder will show his award-winning book project »Face to Faith | Mount Kailash | Tibet« at the 8th Indian Photo Festival in Hyderabad.

Ten years ago, Samuel Zuder traveled to Mount Kailash in Tibet, one of the most fascinating places in the world. For the local people, the mountain is sacred and may not be climbed, only circumnavigated. “Jewel of snow” is the name of the mountain here, four religions consider it the origin of the universe and the navel of the world. A pilgrimage to the holy Kailash is considered by believers to be the climax of their spiritual life. For several weeks, Samuel Zuder accompanied the pilgrims with a large-format analog camera on the 50-kilometer-long path around the mountain.

The believers approach their holy mountain in awe, and the photographer treats them with the same respect. Now the large, silent images are traveling to India for the photo festival. – The photo book »Face to Faith | Mount Kailash | Tibet« is out of print in bookstores, but can be ordered as a special edition directly from the photographer.